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Holiday wishes and other stuff

Just thought I’d drop a quick post to say merry Christmas and all that junk. Even though I don’t believe in the whole son of God thing, Jesus seems like an okay dude and the new testament is a definite step up from the old one. Without Jesus, a huge amount of religious people would be even bigger sourpusses than they already are. So I’m down with celebrating ‘his day’.

And let’s not forget other important figures born today: Annie Lennox, Sissy Spacek, Jimmy Buffet, Karl Rove (who knew the Antichrist would be born on the same day?), Dido, and Armin Van Buuren.

As for Christmas presents from me to you jackals, here’s what I got:

You might have noticed that a few new writers have come on board. Shawn Schatzle and Rodriguez are now part of our merry band of writers and Reverend Clint will be taking over JackalTV duties since I’ve proven to be too unreliable to handle it on my own.

Over 2009 we’ll be bringing on more writers, mainly because I think it’s time for there to be more voices than just my own. I’m also sick and tired of being a one man army up against MMA sites with a clown car’s worth of writers. Don’t worry … this doesn’t mean I’ll be writing less. The whole idea of this is to give you guys MORE unique shit.

And speaking of more shit, I’ve finally finished setting up the exclusive content for members of the Fightlinker army. Starting tonight, those who have donated to the site will get access to my totally emo diary, where I rant about my MMA training, day to day shit, random crap, and which boys from class I totally have a crush on. It’s not much, but it’s something extra and a little thank you to those who keep me from having to live off dog food.

That’s about it. Stay tuned for full service for both UFC 92 and Dynamite – chat, posts, and all that stuff. No radio show since Jake and I are in different countries right now, and covering Sengoku will be a last minute decision based on how burnt out on MMA I am.

Merry Christmas everyone!