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Hoelzer Reich given the boot by everyone

Okay, hopefully this will be the last Nazi related post around here for a while and we can get back to those good ol fashioned dick and fart jokes. Here’s a quick wrapup of what’s been going on regarding sketchy fascist themed clothing company Hoelzer Reich: First off, we won’t be seeing them in the UFC again or on next weekend’s WEC show. Zuffa has barred it’s fighters from wearing the shirts.

WEC general manager Reed Harris expressed his personal concerns regarding the company’s “German-themed” apparel on today’s edition of Radio (, and the exec told Yahoo! Sports shortly after the interview that Zuffa, LLC, will no longer allow its athletes to wear Hoelzer Reich apparel into the cage at UFC or WEC events. has since confirmed the report with a representative from Zuffa, LLC, the parent company of both MMA promotions.

Apparently fears that Donald Cerrone might come out decked in that shit were unfounded even before this Zuffa ban – Cerrone had ditched Hoelzer Reich as a sponsor months ago. Ditto with TUF 9 winner Ross Pearson, who dropped the company back in November after taking a look at their website. And even Strikeforce has taken a stance and banned the shirts from their events.

Just for reference, Middle Easy has created an extensive image file that sums up all the symbolism ripped straight off of Nazi uniforms. They even found MORE damning stuff than we did, like the fact that all those evil looking skull officers (who of course just represented “World War 1 / Prussian officers”) had SS ranks on their collars. Oh, and  the term 100%er on another shirt – 100%er being a white supremacist term specifying a pure bloodline.

Last but not least, I was on Watch Kalib Run’s podcast last night talking about this whole situation in a surprisingly serious manner. I tried to address a lot of the issues regarding free speech, censorship, witch hunts, etc so it’s a bit more of a balanced conversation on the issue than our last Low Blow, where we simply talked shit and blew steam out of our ears for 10 minutes.