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Hitman vs Tapout

Since we certainly aren’t about to talk about how dope we think Tapout’s clothing is, a lot of our Tapout-related blogging ends up being devoted to stuff like lawsuits being leveled against them. There was the time they were almost sued for creating pendants out of founder Mask’s ashes, and then there were a few lawsuits over what a giant dickbag former exec Marc Kreiner was with employees. These didn’t mean Tapout was neccessarily a sketchy business – companies this size often have to fend off litigation with a rhinestone encrusted stick. But if this latest lawsuit is true…

Dan Diaz is the former owner of the Hitman Fight Gear clothing label, which was acquired by TapouT several years ago and subsequently saw its industry presence gradually decline in prominence. He has filed suit against Dan Caldwell (‘Punkass’), former TapouT executive Marc Kreiner and the new owners of Tapout, ABG, among others.

Diaz is asking for “not less than two million dollars ($2,000,000.00)” plus general damages “in an amount to be determined with precision at trial”, punitive damages “in an amount sufficient to deter and make an example of Defendants”, prejudgment interest, attorneys fees and “further relief as the court may deem just and proper.”

According to his case papers, filed with the court in Orange County, California in 2011, he claims he was induced to sell Hitman to the TapouT LLC corporation on the basis of representations made by Kreiner which subsequently turned out to be false.

Diaz believes that the buyout was really intended only to be a method of getting him to surrender his 10% interest in sales of TapouT gear, which stemmed from his work as a designer for the company over several years.

The claim states that “Diaz is now informed and believes that Defendants made the various representations… for the sole purpose of getting Diaz to relinquish his existing rights to a ten percent (10%) commission in the sale of TapouT gear through [their agreement]…Defendants made their fraudulent representations for the express purpose of defrauding Diaz out of his commission rights.”

Man, this Kreiner guy’s name keeps coming up in lawsuits even though he left the company two years ago. And just in case you’re thinking the two million bucks Diaz is going for is just one of those crazy unreasonable lawsuit numbers … well, it may be. But one of Tapout’s former sales staff managed to get 3.2 million bucks out of the company based on Kreiner’s crazy screamy ways. If you can get that much just for being yelled at, how much does a straight up financial screwjob net you?

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  • thingvolds says:

    this got me thinking about what the “cool” ranking of mma clothing companies would be. now it goes without saying that an mma clothing company is, by nature, uncool. but there are definitely mma clothing companies that are cooler than others. there’s a lot of variables involved in ranking them, so here’s just some thoughts.

    tapout would be at the top of the “uncool” list. even when tapout came out and it was cool that there was an mma clothing company in america, they were still uncool because matt hughes and pat militich wore them. jocks aren’t cool.

    hoezler reich would be considered “hey, not cool bro”.

    metal mulisha would be “they think they’re cool but aren’t”, but they do have the diaz brothers so they get a little credit.

    affliction isn’t even cool at the jersey shore anymore, so what does that tell you?

    praetorian – awesome team, cool name. they survive the cut.

    hitman gets a pass because they did have some wearable designs a few years ago, and this dan diaz guy seems pretty funny and ballsy.

    krugans = tribal gi’s = never ever cool. even actual tribal people who wear grass skirts wouldn’t be caught dead in that shit

    hunter (old school mma clothing) was pretty cool. so was red nose.

    bad boy = so uncool it’s cool

    rvca’s mma stuff was socially acceptable

    punishment is a tricky one. i personally think tito is cool and he has been doing punishment for over ten years. i wouldn’t wear it but i wouldn’t goof on someone for choosing to either.

    old school academy shirts like carlson’s, barra, fairtex, chute boxe = always cool

    tiger schulmans karate shirt = lifetime ban from any establishment.

  • iamphoenix says:

    ^the only shirts i wear are gracie shirts because i have trained their and 31FIFTY because in korea i trained with this one dude who knows those guys because he’s hawaiian.

  • variable says:

    @thingvolds you forgot sprawl, hayabusa, tokyo five, and venom.

    For the record I wear venom shorts/rash-guard in class, but I never wear “fight gear” or mms clothing lines out in public, that just screams d-bag.


    Respect for your Gracie training, but in general I don’t like people who wear fight gear out in public, but I did have to eat my words one time. Back in 2008 my wife (gf at the time) were in Puerto Rico for a cruise and stayed at a resort hotel the day before the cruise. We went to breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant it was a buffet and I kept my eyes lowered and on the floor, mainly because I had too many rum drinks the night before. Anyway I was in line for an omelet and looked at the dude in front of me he had on a Gracie shirt, I thought, oh shit another one of these, even out here. Then I looked at his face and it was Royce Gracie, I did a fucking double take but anyway it really was him(in town for a seminar or some shit) got a pic with him and it was all good he’s a good dude by the way.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    Today is the 3 year anniversary of Charles’ death.


  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    He’s gone and now Tapout doesn’t sponsor indie fighters anymore.  While I never liked their shirts I liked what they did for starting fighters.

  • Nathan says:

    I don’t like it when the commerce penetrates into the sports. All those folks wearing fight gear in their everyday life look ridiculous imo. It looks phony.