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HIT Squad is a dumb name

Remember a few days ago when Luke Thomas personally swore to me that Matt Hughes was leaving Miletich Fighting Systems and starting his own camp? Well it looks like that’s exactly what he did! Good on you Luke for popping the cherry on this story. Now the details are flowing from all those other sites who are jumping in for sloppy seconds.

The gym, which is named H.I.T. Squad (Hughes Intensive Training), will be a launching pad for new fighters, as well as veteran mixed-martial artists looking for a new training center. Additionally, Fiore said the elite fighters will be asked to join the gym’s official fight team: Team Hughes.

In addition to the school’s namesake, Team Hughes initially will include three other fighters: former UFC contender and current Icon middleweight champion Robbie Lawler, Greco-Roman wrestling champion and MMA newcomer Jacob Hey, and “The Ultimate Fighter 5” standout Corey Hill.

Okay first off I have to say that HIT Squad has to be the worst name for a gym ever. Off the top of my head I’ve got several better names, and I’m tempted to post them on Matt Hughes’ message board to see if he likes them:

  • Hughes Excercise Regiment Program for Extreme Strength (H.E.R.P.E.S Squad)
  • Hughes Original Muscle Organization Squad (H.O.M.O Squad)
  • Hughes Impressive Cardio Kamp (H.I.C.K Squad)
  • Hughes Awesome God Squad (H.A.G Squad)

Secondly, you would imagine Matt Hughes being able to pull a starting lineup that’s better than unkown Jacob Hey and ‘the tall black dude’ from TUF5. I don’t doubt the gym will grow to include some decent names … hey, if Jorge Gurgel can pull it off, why not Hughes too? But I am somewhat surprised that there haven’t been a couple other really big names to start this whole thing off with a bang.

  • Tyrone Jackson says:

    I like the Herpes squad… Matt Hughes need to get a tan!!

  • Fred says:

    I would consider Lawler a pretty big name. The coaches he took with him from MFS are top-shelf, too. I would bet that in the next few weeks, we’ll see several big fighters emerge as part of Team Hughes.

  • MMA FIGHTER says:

    Actually Matt Huges, not only plans on opening a HIT squad in his home town of ILL, But througout the WESTCOAST. One of the gyms are almost done being built on the West Side of PHOENIX>