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Hit ’em when they’re out

Later today or tomorrow I’ll write a post about Rashad and generally apologize for underestimating him. But for now I wanted to point out what a cocksucker he is. From Five Ounces of Pain:

Evans followed up the right hand by attempting to hit Liddell after he had fallen but referee Herb Dean jumped in and prevented what appeared to be an unconscious Liddell from absorbing any more damage. After the fight had been called to a stop, Liddell looked to have remained unconscious for several seconds afterwards, as he was laying on the mat completely motionless.

This isn’t the first time Rashad has tried to follow up on an obvious fight finisher with more blows. After kicking Sean Salmon’s head off, he followed up by punching the obviously unconscious Salmon once and would have done it again if the ref hadn’t dove in and tackled him.

Yeah, I know … it’s the referee’s job to make sure shit like this doesn’t happen. Technically there’s nothing wrong with Rashad going after a guy until the ref pulls him off. But this is twice where this guy has gone after a fighter who is obviously out. Just thought I’d mention that.