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His THIRD positive test?

Am I missing something here? Sherdog says this is Josh Barnett’s third time testing positive for steroids. We all know about his post-Couture pop (a trilogy of it’s own: Boldenone, Fluoxymesterone and Nandrolone oh my!) and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 days you’ll know that he just tested positive for drostanolone. So what’s this third test? Or does Sherdog just have the number 3 on the brain?

*UPDATE* Jackal champagnej points me to the deets:

Barnett has technically failed three separate commission steroid tests, but a Nov. 2, 2001 failure, taken when he fought Bobby Hoffman at UFC 34, was administered as part of an information-gathering procedure by the Nevada commission, which at the time was exploring whether drug use was a problem in MMA and what penalties such use should constitute. Nevada’s commission ramped up drug testing for MMA fighters in 2003 in the wake of a contentious appeals process with Barnett’s camp. In 2002, Barnett’s camp claimed the failure came from an over-the-counter product.