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Hey, don’t forget Junie Browning is crazy too

By jove, today has been a day of complete MMA retardation here at Fightlinker. And to add to that, here’s the latest fun involving Junie Browning. He returned to competition in Kentucky over the weekend with a 1st round triangle submission against a green as baby shit fighter named Scott Cornwell (now 1-1). But as usual with Junie, the big story isn’t what he did in the cage but what he did outside it:

Browning controlled the entire 3:13 fight and was never in any danger. Following the bout, the microphone was handed to Cornwell who was apologetic and genuinely displeased with his performance. The crowd applauded Cornwell’s effort, in what was only his second professional bout.

Then the microphone was handed to Junie and the arena filled with boos. Junie said, “I try to come out here and put on a show. If you don’t like it, then fuck ya’ll!” This actually brought out a few cheers. Then Junie had a special message for the ladies. He said, “LADIES, AFTER THIS I WANT TWO LINES, ONE FOR SUCKING, AND ONE FOR FUCKING.” He dropped the mic to the ground and walked out of the cage. The boos were deafening.

There’s nothing that wins over a crowd like the declaration that you want all the bitches there to form a suck n fuck conga line. You’d think Junie would have learned this by now … his similar fornication-themed discussion with hospital staff this fall went over about as well.

(you can see more pics from the event at