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Hey, chauvinistic assholes!

Just wanted to remind all the holier than thou assholes compiling Top 10 lists in their mom’s basement that they forgot to make a top 10 women’s ranking. Considering this is pretty much the only list past bantamweight and featherweight that would actually be educational for readers, I’d appreciate it if someone stepped up and rectified the situation.


  • Abolish sexism… or something!

  • steve24 says:

    I think the top 10 women are the only 10 women in MMA.

  • bigfern says:

    who gives a fuck

  • Jonathan says:

    #1…everyone’s favorite Fightlinker babe…Roxanne Modafferi.

    Any disagreements?

  • Jordan Breen says:

    For reference, allow me to say that the ranking heads at Sherdog tossed around the idea of doing female rankings, but there’s a couple problems. Firstly, female weight classes aren’t even properly carved out. Some of the weight classes commonly being used in Japan don’t line up anywhere with the ones stateside, and you’ve got females fighting at all kinds of fucked up weights just to get fights. For instance, you’ve got a fight coming up between two top five pound-for-pound females in Lisa Ward and Megumi Fujii. Ward typically fights at 106 pounds in Japan, and her FFF title is at I believe 110 pounds. Fujii usually fights at 115 pounds when she isn’t moving up to 135 to find someone to fight her. Yet, they’re fighting at 125 in bodog.

    Therefore, the only real ‘solution’ is a top ten women’s openweight ranking, which I’m against. It’s one thing if you’re making a pound-for-pound list when you can carve out resumes respective to weight classes and so forth, but I’m not so sure you can try to make an accurate and objective assessment at this point in time.

    Hopefully the weight classes for females get ironed out a bit more, and then fleshed out, and they can join the mix. They certainly belong there.