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Herring blames ‘glass ceiling’ for meh attitude

Heath Herring raised more than a few eyebrows earlier this week when he went on a radio station and basically ripped the UFC for not treating him well and not paying their fighters enough. Note that this is a guy who miraculously rode Dana White’s PRIDE boner to a 70k/70k contract who also managed to keep his job despite across the board horrible performances during his 2-3 UFC career. Anyways, here he is trying to clarify the comments to MMA Junkie:

“I think the whole five Ferrari comment is that at this point in my career, I’m actually making less money than when I was younger and I was 23 years old,” Herring told “Like I said, I’ve got these business opportunities that have arisen, and it actually makes more sense for me to try to do that financially than try to take the time out and fight. That’s the decision I’m being faced with right now.”

It wasn’t an easy decision, he noted.

“It’s obviously a risk that I wrestle with on a daily basis,” he said. “It’s been a very tough decision for me. But with my current contract, I feel like I’ve hit the glass ceiling, so to speak. It’s not that I don’t ever want to fight again. But I have to be intelligent with my body and my time, and (if) I can find something that pays off better, I need to go down that road.

“I’ve got a lot of scars and wounds but not a lot to show for it. It’s like, ‘Do you want to keep destroying your body?’ I love fighting. But it’s like you wake up one day – and I’m almost 32 years old now – and you say, ‘What have I really done? What’s the legacy I’ve left for my child and my family, other than do you want to watch me on YouTube? You want to watch me on Spike TV?’

It sounds like Heath is having a bit of a mid-life crisis. No wonder he wants a Ferrari.

Also worth noting is that Herring’s UFC contract expires on April 10th. Anyone wanna make a bet on whether he gets a fight in before then? Actually a better bet would be whether he’s spent any of the last two years in the gym training. My guess is no.