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HERO’s: Now with 200% more violence

Ever since Jordan Breen left his independent blog and turned to the dark side of the force, there’s been something of a void when it comes to dependable daily doses of Japanese MMA news sprinkled with commentary. Zach, posting one line about something and linking it to a Japanese article doesn’t count. Fortunately, my new favorite site for that shit is Nightmare of Battle. Don’t be fooled by the terrible layout … the guy’s pretty sharp.

Today’s big news is that HERO’s Sept 17th show has added two potentially explosive matches to satisfy ignorant gaijin like me : Alistair Overeen vs Sergei Kharitonov and Fabio Silva vs Melvin Manhoef. That brings the number of matches up to twelve! Oh those wacky Japanese, always overcompensating.

The rest of the card is stacked with Japanese fight royalty: Sakuraba, Minowa, and Kid Yamamoto. The fact that they’re all in pushover matches is kinda annoying, but it’s still nice to see a HERO’s card with at least some compelling matches. This card also features the finals of the middleweight tournament, which is interesting if you care about guys like Caol Uno and Vitor Riberio. In other words, no it is not interesting.

Overall, I’d say this is possibly HERO’s best card since their inception. There’s still a lot of room for improvement, but could this be the start of their plans to fill the void left by PRIDE? I certainly hope so!

  • johnny says:

    Nightmare of Battle is a great blog

    I like Kharitonov in the rematch given the fact that he is in better shape than last time around. For those of you who haven’t seen it, the first Overeem/Kharitonov fight was a huge “Push-Killer” for Sergei of Mirko/Gonzaga Proportions

    btw, melvin manhoef looks like the token black guy from the last batch of “Party Hardcore” vids

  • Good find on the site, I’m subscribed to it to test it out.

  • Jeez I thought I had all the work done on that one. Back at it again…

  • johnny says:

    The thing with Roxy is that even though she looks like a butch version of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in “Square Pigs”, I’m willing to bet she has a tight pussy cuz she probably hasn’t been penetrated by many guys.

  • charlie says:

    “This card also features the finals of the middleweight tournament, which is interesting if you care about guys like Caol Uno and Vitor Riberio. In other words, no it is not interesting.”


    JZ vs. Shaolin is easily the most significant fight on the entire card.

  • johnny says:

    oops on #4, i posted my roxy modiferri comment on the wrong page

  • garth says:

    nightmare of battle huh? oooo another blag in the roll

  • Rory says:

    You must not be a big fan of the LW division because Shaolin vs. JZ is probably #5 vs #6 in the division and the winner would be the (currently) top active LW in Japan assuming nothing crazy happens in the finals. And Andre Dida is a top Chute Boxe prospect with an interesting story who could certainly upset Uno and possibly even win it all.

    Anyway, my point is, being snarky about stuff you aren’t really that up on is a bad idea.

  • Tommy says:

    I sure wouldn’t want to be Fabio, Melvin is a striking beast.

  • Steve says:

    Melvin is a monster in a humans body. He is the hardest hitting most explosive fighter to date (if you count Vitor Belfort up to date). Thank you for the link to the Japanese MMA coverage blog and I loved the line about “satisfy ignorant gaijin like me” ahha.

    there is THE cutest Japanese girl that is training at our gym this month and her mannerisms are so adorable.