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Hermes Franca vs wrestlers

I’m a big Hermes Franca fan, but goddamn is that boy STUPID. You’d figure the first thing he’d do after losing to Sean Sherk is go back to the gym and figure out how to avoid getting laid on and losing by judges’ decision. Perhaps he got distracted by all that steroid suspension shit, because that just happened to him again last night.

I’m not going to say that Frankie Edgar doesn’t deserve the win. He stayed on top of Franca the entire fight and uglied up his face pretty good while he was there. But I couldn’t help shake the feeling that the more skilled fighter lost, and all because he didn’t have a gameplan to deal with another goddamn wrestler.

The UFC gave Edgar and Franca the 25k “Fight of the Night” bonus, but it wasn’t fight of the night for me. I found it way too frustrating to enjoy. Hermes has all the skill in the world to be a dominant force in the UFC’s lightweight division: his submission skills are as slick as pig shit and he pulls stuff out of nowhere like magic. And when he lets his hands go, he fucks people up. But so long as he’s happy to lie under a fighter and take patty-cake punches to the face for the majority of fights, he’s going to keep losing to every guy with a wrestling pedigree. Unfortunately for Franca, that’s half the lightweight division.

So please, Franca … for the love of God. Go back to your gym and start forumulating a way to beat these guys. They’re not better than you. They’re just smarter.