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Hermes Franca sleeps well at night

Right up until Sean Sherk was found guilty by the CSAC, there was a decent amount of sympathy for his plight from the MMA community. While people weren’t happy with the way the steroids fiasco was handled by the athletic commission or the UFC, many people I’m sure were waiting expectantly for Sherk’s chance to clear his name and provide the silver bullet that would prove he was innocent.

Of course, Sherk’s lawyer brought a shit cannon instead of a silver bullet gun, and just blew diarrhea all over everything. People were not impressed. And now with every interview Sherk does, people are less and less supportive.

On the other hand, take a look at Hermes Franca. He admitted he doped, didn’t get his time cut in half, and got verbally bitchslapped by the president of the UFC. All for telling the truth. But at least he can look at himself in the mirror, and he’s moving on with his life:

“I’m guilty, what can I say?” Franca laughed. “But if you can’t prove you didn’t do it than you should have to take a year off. At least I was a man about it and I can put my head on my pillow and sleep well at night,” Franca told “It’s already been seven months and I’ll be back fighting soon.”

I gotta say, that’s a pretty decent attitude. Franca took responsibility for his actions and his decisions. What he did was dumb, but the only thing people like less than a steroid user is a steroid user who fucking lies about it.

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  • Xavier says:

    Yeah, Franca got screwed. CSAC is very hypocritical, fight like a bitch, lie like a bitch and whine like a bitch… get six months off.

    Tell the truth, man-up and even have a good reason? Fuck you, whole year.

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