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Hermes Franca is going to start training properly for fights

Sean Sherk has wrapped up his suspension and is now getting ready to step back into the UFC with a title shot. The more honest Hermes Franca is still waiting till July before he’ll be able to compete, but he’s already getting ready for a return to MMA. Past declaring that his year off has allowed him to improve his skills, he’s also revealed that he wasn’t doing training camps before:

“(Other fighters train) a few weeks before fights, and I never did. I am always teaching and training fighters. I’m going to let my instructors teach at my affiliations academies, and I’m going to camp for myself for six weeks or seven weeks just training. That’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to do things like a professional, and so I’m going to come back stronger than ever.”

If the Hermes we saw before was the half-ass Hermes, it’s gonna be cool seeing what he’ll be able to do with a proper training camp. First on the list of things for him to work on at his camp: the dude’s one of the slowest starters in the sport – sometimes it takes him until halfway through the fight to really start performing. And how about getting someone up there to teach him how to lie, since we’ve learned that telling the truth never helps.