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Herb Dean to screw up Couture/Gonzaga

That’s right … the Dean of the Unforseen is reffing UFC74’s headlining bout. Now before I start, I’d just like to clarify that I like Herb Dean. After Big John McCarthy, I think he’s the best ref that the UFC has, and an interesting personality to boot. On the other hand, the dude is obviously fucking cursed.

Half the fights he refs turn into total cock-ups. While he didn’t do anything wrong in most cases, it doesn’t change the fact that he draws more bad luck than throwing a black cat through a mirror sitting under a ladder. Let’s take a look at some of the controversial fights Herb has been involved in (and this is just a recent, partial list):

  • Frank Shamrock vs Renzo Gracie (Knees to neck DQ)
  • Gabriel Gonzaga vs Mirko Crocop (Early standup)
  • Ken Shamrock vs Tito Ortiz 2 (Early stoppage)
  • Tim Sylvia vs Frank Mir (Stoppage after Sylvia’s arm snapped)
  • Andrei Arlovski vs Marcio Cruz (illegal kicks on the ground)

Again, I’m not saying Dean did anything wrong … I agree with most of his calls. But if the same dude was around during the Kennedy assassination, the Challenger disaster, 9/11, and the sinking of New Orleans, I’d tell him to stay the fuck away from me.

  • steve24 says:

    Very true. I don’t see him doing an “early stand up” in this fight since it’s obviously going to take place on the ground. I think the UFC was behind the “early stand up” during the Cro Cop fight.

  • Jonathan says:

    I see Frank Mir having to do more with breaking Sylvia’s arm than Herb Dean.

  • Thomas Crown says:

    I dunno why they still give him such high profile matches to ref.. They should always have Big John do Championship matches…

  • Royal B. says:

    He curses his own match.

  • Adam says:

    Exactly, let’s not forget that he even somehow managed to end his last professional fight early by not answering the bell in the 2nd round due to a poke in the eye.

    We love you Herb, but damn.