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Hendo vs Feijao: the pics

(Roger Bowling vs Josh Thornburg. I don’t know who’s taking who for a ride here, but it looks like serious bidniz.)

Interesting pictures from the past weekend’s Strikeforce event are slightly hard to come by since most outlets are just reprinting the great official shots from Esther, but Sherdog also has a pretty thorough gallery. After the jump, a bunch of my favorite shots from both!

Bigfoot Silva and his clan looking like a wacky 80s sitcom family. I didn’t know Antonio was related to Frida Kahlo…

Liz Carmouche. Someone get her a Proactiv sponsorship and some decent shampoo / conditioner, stat!

Mauro having so much fun on the mic Hendo has to remind him who’s being interviewed.

Marloes Coenen gives Liz Carmouche’s neck a tender hug

Melvin Manhoef, 1000% more intimidating when vertical

This is how close Rafael Cavalcante came to everyone being all like “Holy shit Feijao is awesome” instead of “Man, Feijao can’t get’r done.”

Improved takedown defense, good for stuffing 3 out of 4 takedowns! Unfortunately, once you get to that fourth one you’re screwed…

Is that ad on Jay Freeman’s belly written in hi-liter?