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Hendo really is Pro American!

We all know that Dan Henderson loves America just by his choice in footwear while at the range.

Some of you may know that I am a raging gun nut… you should see the collection of Guns and Ammo, Special Weapons for Military and Police, and Barrett magazines in my bathroom! Some people on here from north of the Border (*cough* Ryan and Jake *cough*) are not really big on guns but here in America it’s all good. I’m not going to go into my politics in this post (fair game in the comments though), but seeing fighters who like to plink off a few rounds is always enjoyable for a simple salt of the earth guy like me. I have to admit that whenever I see some pics of Matt Hughes or Big Tim with their guns in hand I forget for a second how much I don’t like them.

More pictures of Hendo with his guns after the jump, or see them all right here at Combat Lifestyle.

Looks like hes found a surefire way to beat Anderson

Looks like he's found a surefire (sorry a little gun pun) way to beat Anderson.

The Trifecta of All American shooting: .22lr, AR-15 and the Muzzleloader

The Trifecta of All American shooting: .22lr, AR-15 and the Muzzleloader.