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Helwani gets some details out of Overeem

Alistair Overeem seems to genuinely like Ariel Helwani, or at least he’s never threatened to slap him.  Yet.  So it’s no surprise that Ariel scored pretty much the first interview with Ubereem after the big announcement, and got some more details on his still-wet UFC contract.  Here’s the highlights from Ariel’s transcript:

  • No more K-1 for The Reem.  “I will only be fighting in the UFC.”
  • He was offered an immediate title shot against the winner of Velasquez/Dos Santos, but that would’ve meant waiting until next spring.  Brock Lesnar’s name was dropped, and he jumped at it.  As we already knew, the winner gets a title shot.
  • He’ll be paid directly, NOT through his management, which was how his Strikeforce contract already was anyway.
  • How many fights on his UFC contract?  ” target=”_blank”>”I’ll never tell.”
  • The Zuffa office has a great kitchen.

Ariel was also sharp enough to realize that December 30th is a Friday night, which has some folks speculating that this will be a Fox event.  Makes sense, in every sense.  If Zuffa wants to impress its new Foxy girlfriend with how large and throbbing its ratings-cock can be, a blockbuster fight like that should sure as shit do the trick.

  • Sodomize Intolerance says:

    Best thing about this matchup is that they’re only “wasting” names on the FOX card, not talent (i.e. title fights on free TV).  I don’t think this fight would do as well on a PPV considering Brock is returning from a humiliating loss and Overeem is the [former] Who? champion.

    Millions of people will tune in to Brock for free and Overeem gets some goddamn exposure. Win/Win/All Win.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    Do you think the Zuffa kitchen serves pinkberry?

    Anywhoo – I couldn’t disagree more (^^^). Marketed properly Lesnar / Overeem could be a PPV juggernaut. I’d actually be surprised to see the UFC put a fight this big on free television as the PPV buys could be well over a million in my opinion. That’s a whole lot of money to pass on.

    It is Friday night which would be a drastic change from the normal PPV schedule, so maybe it could be on FOX if the viewership is worth the financial hit. It’s also the night before NYE and everyone is at home taking it easy anyway – so the  potential television ratings for a free fight of this proportion would be staggering. If Dana can resist the urge for a guaranteed payday the match could bring in a massive audience to Fox/UFC.

    I just don’t think that Dana will be able to pass on making that much PPV money promoting a (rare) super-fight. With four months to market this, the general public will think Overeem is Superman by December. The PPV or TV ratings will be massive and this is way more than two “names” fighting.

  • scissors61 says:

    Looks like it will be on PPV as it’s getting a Spike prelims special. I guess they’re running it on a Friday because the next evening is New Year’s Eve–when a holiday like that falls on a weekend everyone’s going to be out partying, not home watching a PPV. 

  • frickshun says:

    This is so crazy is just might work!!