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Hector’s back!

Hector Echavarria is back with what looks like another awesomely terrible film. You might remember him from such hits as Never Surrender and Death Warrior. Now he’s back with another movie called ‘Unrivaled’ (and with Lionsgate distribution, looks like he’s moving up in the world!). If the preview makes it look like Hector has left the B-league behind, don’t worry: so long as he’s writing the scripts, the movies will continue to be unintentionally hilarious. Check out the names of some of these characters:

  • Hector Echavarria is Ringo Duran
  • Keith Jardine is Stone
  • Heath Herring is Demoledoe
  • Forrest Griffin is Gregor Popoff
  • Lyoto Machida is Kamikaze

And if you’ve never experienced a Hector Echavarria movie, here’s some reviews of Never Surrender off IMDB which should convince you to check that shit out:

First off, I am a big MMA fan, so I decided to check this out. I should have came here (IMDB) first, but decided to watch it blindly. Second of all, what was the point of putting in the cameo fighters other than to draw you into a horribly plotted, poorly written, pathetically executed soft core porn with less than any sort of believable fighting…oh I know…to sell tickets or get people to rent the POS…ugggg!!!

This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The only good part about it was that it was so bad it made me laugh at such “talent” and “acting skills” lmao…I have seen 4th grade plays with more direction and talent. Bravo for such a good effort! Heeheeehaww!!

More reviews after the jump. Props to the Bloody Elbow for the find.

The main actor (the “Hero” if you will) looks about 20 years too old to be fighting anyone and that alone takes away from the realism right away. Then, the lead actress is probably the worst looking girl in a movie full of butter-faces. and then you’ve got the fact that it seems as if they didn’t have any microphones during filming because EVERY LINE is dubbed in. They even had someone else dub in GSP’s lines for him! (c’mon, his accent isn’t THAT bad). There’s 3 or 4 cringe worthy Skinamax-style sex scenes that serve no plot purpose. There’s hardly any plot to speak of really. There’s nothing remotely likable about any of the characters. The soundtrack is b-movie emo-pop-punk bile and every song sounds the same as the last one. Worst of all, the MAIN PURPOSE of the film, the fight scenes, are horrible. They start off with some “ROUND ONE! FIGHT!”-style intro, and then its 4 minutes of extreme closeups, shaky cameras and unrealistic MMA. They look more like outtakes from Street Fighter or Kickboxer than they do MMA fights. and as a cherry on top, the fighter cameos are a joke. I don’t know how they talked them into being in the film (because by the looks of it, this movie was made for 14 bucks), but blink and you’ll miss Rampage, Penn and Silva have 2 quick fights and GSP has probably the best fight in the film. But remember, thats only relative to the suck-fest that is this movie.

The main plot of “defeating evil bad guy to get the girl” has been done to death, only this time, we have tits and showtime type porn after every fight! That’s right! Heavily choreographed sex scenes with Hector and some fine, siliconized women. Yeah, you even get to see some Hector Echavarria ass! … Eh.

Hector Echavarria is apparently making 3 or 4 more movies using this type of plot, and I am going to see all of them. Even if he thinks he is some type of Spanish Van Damme, I don’t care. This cheesefest was hugely entertaining, and even if it has a lousy, dramatic, relationship sub-plot, it doesn’t fill the majority of the flick, which is okay in my book.

I give this pretty wrapped garbage three flying Van Damme kicks out of whatever.