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Hector Lombard is trying to fight in the US again

Hey, guess what??? Hector Lombard has been signed by Bellator Fighting Championships! Too bad he’ll probably never get to fight for them.

Lookit: Lombard has been slated to fight for US organizations so many times now that he’s up there with Kurt Angle for false starts. He was supposed to fight for the UFC against Karo Parisyan back at UFC 78 but was never able to because he’s a stinking communist Cuban. Then he was signed to EliteXC but the same reason stopped him from fighting for them too. Word is EliteXC’s lawyers managed to deal with the issue and had even slated Lombard on their ill fated November 8th card. But I dunno … until I hear that an athletic commission verifies that all his paperwork is legit and issues him a license, I’m not gonna get my hopes up too high.

We shouldn’t have to wait too long to see what’s up with Lombard, though. He’s been added to the February 6th Palace Fighting Championships event in California alongside Bobby Lashley and Erin Toughill.

There, I managed to get through this post without bitching out the retarded American policy of stonewalling everything Cuban and basically enabling a communist regime to exist off their coast. Oh wait, does that last part count? Doh.