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Hector Echavarria is Teh Awesome

So I looked a little deeper into the guy behind the terrible looking “Never Surrender“. It’s the brainchild of Hector Echavarria, the Latin equivalent of Jean-Claude Van Damme. In 2009 alone, he’s got a bunch of martial arts movies cooking, and they all look to involve current MMA superstars. That’s on top of a really cheesy sounding psychological thriller he wrote and directed. So far, he looks to be on a movie rampage. I don’t know if I should be deeply afraid or giddy at the though of a bunch of straight to video movies targeting the Latino demographic in America.

If you read his Wikipedia page, it makes him sound pretty fucking badass. The whole mystique of being trained since age 4 by an escaped Shaolin Monk makes me believe that either he wrote his own wiki entry, or we’ll eventually have to suffer through a biopic of this guy. Here’s a bunch of videos of Hector in action after the jump, including a Miami Vice cameo. It’s Explosiva!