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Heavy underdogs at Strikeforce tonight

Tonight’s Strikeforce fights have some pretty lopsided odds, so if you’ve got a feeling that any of the underdogs are gonna pull off the W, you might wanna consider putting some money down on them.

My personal favorite for an upset is Rodrigo Damm (+250), who is a late replacement for Josh Thomson. Gilbert Melendez (-400) spent his entire training camp preparing for a completely different kind of opponent, and while every jiu-jitsu guy is ‘dangerous on the ground, with Rodrigo it’s more than just words.

Unfortunately, the bookies have recognized that Scott Smith (+120) isn’t the underdog against Benji Radach (-160), but the odds on Radach are still good enough to make a play worthwhile. Remember that Radach slaughtered Ninja Rua, and Scott Smith is no Rua.

As much as I’d like to see Hitomi Akano (+325) beat Cris Cyborg (-550) now, I’m not gonna bet any money on it. Akano does have the judo to take Cyborg down and the submission skills to finish her, but I see Cyborg steamrolling her the same way she did with Shayna Baszler.

If you’re into hail mary bets, then Ron Humphrey (+300) is your man. There’s simply not enough footage of him out there to tell if he can give Brett Rogers (-500) a hard time. But on the other hand, Brett Rogers made his reputation off beating a former crackhead (Jon Murphy) and massive retard (James Thompson). Who knows, maybe Rogers is the next Sokoudjou?

As usual, if you’re gonna gamble your life savings away on Humphrey, we recommend you do it via BetUS. They’re our favorite sportsbook, and not just because they give us money when you sign up. They’ve been supporting us since day 1, throwing us work when times were rough. So we wholy recommend them to y’all.