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Heath Herring to take a vacation from The Suck

After being unable to win even when the Upset Pixie waved her magical wand over him, Heath Herring has decided to take a vacation from his lousy training and ‘spend time with his family’:

“The UFC already called me about maybe [fighting] in October, and I just need to take some personal time,” said Herring. “I’m just trying to catch up and do some family things right now, and I need to find a good fight camp so I’ve got nothing really scheduled right now.”

I can’t disagree with his decision … if there’s anyone that needs to switch it up in the UFC, it’s Heath Herring. In the past six months he’s lost to lay’n’prayer Jake O’Brien, eeked out a decision against Brad Imes, and completely screwed up a fluke knockout of Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera. I’m too lazy to look it up, but that kinda underacheiving reminds me of someone else in the UFC … oh, Frank Mir? And by a stunning coincidence, both fighters just happen to come from the Las Vegas Combat Club.

To tell you the truth though, I don’t think the LVCC is the actual cause of these guy’s shitty performances. Both of them just seem to not really give a shit any more.