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Heath Herring is sick of the fight game

Heath Herring’s last fight was over a year ago, but it doesn’t sound like he’s even thinking about returning to the cage any time soon. In fact, it sounds like he’s fallen out with his trainers and wants to put his fight career ‘on hold’ (like that works) so he can ACT. Yes, another mediocre MMA fighter hopes to succeed where much more interesting and talented men have failed many times before:

How did you get into acting?
I’ve been trying to get into acting a little bit; it’s actually been taking off. I’ve got a bunch of different movies lined up. Don’t have anything signed just yet, but you know, the film industry is kind of like the fight industry, there’s always rumors, but things always seem to fall in place afterwards.

Are these big budgets films?
I would say they’re medium-ranged, medium budget movies. Kind of like the one I did last year, that Never Surrender movie. … My girlfriend is saying quite a big bigger. She knows, she’s an AD (assistant director). She’s the one that’s kind of getting me into all that stuff.

Are you happy with the UFC?
It’s not that I’m not really happy with the UFC … It’s just, you know, like I said, I think that last fight just took a lot out of me. Now with acting, and things kind of taking off, it just left a bad taste in my mouth. And not necessarily with the UFC. Just with the training … you know, some of my trainers and things like that. I think I just needed a little time to step back and maybe do some other things for a little bit.

So no timetable in mind for a return?
No, not at all. And the other thing, too, is I know the Velasquez fight a lot of people were saying, ‘Oh, it’s a great fight.’ You know, I’ve been fighting for 13 years. You see the fight with [Frank] Mir and [Brock] Lesnar and Lesnar just pretty much dominated Mir, knocked him out in the second round, and beat the hell out of [Randy] Couture in the second round. And it’s like, Wow, I was the only one who was able to go the full time with that guy. It doesn’t really benefit me to go backwards and fight new up-and-comer guys. It’s not really what I’m there to do, or what I’m there for.

I don’t blame Heath Herring for getting sick of the fight game. The industry is a meat grinder, and he’s been bouncing around inside there pointlessly for five years now. But when will fighters learn that Hollywood comes calling BECAUSE you’re a fighter. Right now he thinks people are booking him because they love Heath Herring, but the truth is the world is full of bad actors but there’s only a certain number of those who are also UFC fighters. That makes him slightly more bankable than the average joe, at least for another year while people still give a teensy tiny shit about him. After that, he’s not a UFC fighter any more. He’ll just be another actor who won’t be able to get a job.