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From headline to unemployment line

I thought Tito Ortiz was doing Mark Coleman a backhanded favor on Saturday night by shit talking him right after Coleman was trounced by Randy Couture. After all, a fight with Tito is pretty much the only money fight for Coleman left in the UFC, and this had a lot of people wondering if that was now in the cards. But not only is Dana White not interested in that fight, it doesn’t sound like he’s interested in Coleman fighting for the UFC any more.

There is something to say about cutting a guy who just headlined your PPV card, but Dana White is right: Mark Coleman looked like total poop against Couture. Add to that the fact that the UFC’s light heavyweight division is no place for a 45 year old on his way down and you can’t even really justify throwing him another fight or two so he can make some more show money.

Dana did have enough heart to say the decision sucked and that Coleman “would always be a part of this organization”, whatever that means. Is a job with Zuffa in Mark’s future? Would Coleman even take one? Or will he return to Japan or something and try to squeeze a few more paychecks out of his career?