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He ain’t coming back

Most people who listened to the UFC conference call and Randy’s press conference left with a generally optomisitic view of the situation between the two parties. Dana White wasn’t taking his normal tactic of devaluing his enemies (he saved that for Fedor), and Randy ‘never said never’.

However, I think people just aren’t reading between the lines with what Couture was saying. Pretty much everyone is missing Couture’s point when he says “This isn’t about the money”. I think this statement sums everything up nicely:

“This is the last statement I’m going to make,” Couture told “Those guys know the truth. Dana knows in his heart of hearts what’s gone on. I’m not gonna sit and debate every time they want to spin something their way. It’s not about money. They could offer me $5 million — I’m gone. I know how I feel. I know what’s what. I’m tired of it.”

Wake up people: Randy’s not coming back to the UFC.

  • Tommy says:

    If he doesn’t he’ll never fight again. He will breach his contract by not fighting two more times. If he really believes he can simply sit out for 9 months and then he won’t owe the UFC anything then he’s sadly mistaken. That’s just not the way it works. He’s not injured and has no reason to sit out other then his temper tantrum. He can’t legally decide to sit out to let his contract expire and then go fight elsewhere without fulfilling his prior contractual obligations.

  • kermit_01 says:

    I wonder if he has to give back the UFC Hummer.. :-p

  • Alexander says:

    It’s a silly not to submit conditions of the contract.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    he should take em to court. theres no way the ufc can hold onto him past the 9 months. fuck that, theyre basically prohibiting from making a living. same thing for AA. just cuz he hasnt signed a new contract dont mean they can shelve him forever. fuck dana white.

  • intenso says:

    I don’t think Randy is worried about breaching his contract because I don’t think Randy even wants to fight. He’s got his acting and he’s training guys, and whatever else.

    And there is nobody he needs to fight in the UFC.

  • MJC_123 says:

    He will have to buy his way out of the contract and as he was soooo pooooorly paid in the UFC (shame) I don’t know if he will be able too, Im still convinced that Dana thinks he can land Fedor in one way or another and get the fight back on sometime next year.

    I have just about had enough of this bullshit….It has to be about money Randy, as you had respect off everyone else in the world for your actions in the cage….You say your annoyed about Fedor being offered big money, fuck dude he was only being offered that so that you could fight him and cement your legacy. If you wern’t the champ, I don’t think Dana would have played ball with Fedor and his agents for so long…I mean imagine if Sylvia was champ still do you think he would be callin Fedor out?….Christ he wouldn’t even be callin out fedors mother.

    You wanted it, Dana tried to get it, that needed big money to be put on the table, you got a sniff of the movies again and you buggered off (Again)…..See you in July 08 when you fancy another come back…I will be waiting respectfully and wanting you to win.

  • Tommy says:

    Let’s face it man. This is not a war Randy can win, period. In life you pick your battles and whoever picked this one for Randy is dumb. The UFC can simply pull everything that ever had to do with Couture. Bar any fighters he has from fighting in their organization (or give them fights to fuck them up) and then sue for a breach of contract wrapping him up in court until he’s 50 something. He fought his entire life in the octagon to pick now, after he already retired and came back, to bring all these things up. Spitting on them at this point in his career is just not smart.

  • Tommy says:

    And might I point out the only disrespect I see is from Couture’s camp towards the UFC.

  • penxv says:

    Wow, Tom. I’ve seen you on a few different sites with Dana White’s cock in your mouth.

    How does it taste?

    I’m guessing salty.

  • Trevor says:

    That’s very clever, since such a statement can be turned around on anyone going around defending Randy Couture.

  • Tommy says:

    I believe right is right period. Has nothing to do with Dana , pen. I won’t say the same to you sense your the type to say things and hide your face and identity, plus I see no one cares about your site whatsoever. Trevor is right though, your surely not original thoughtful or creative. No wonder your a failure. I went to Randy’s site because the Linker linked it. Otherwise this is my home. 5 oz of pain is sweet too though.

  • penxv says:

    My name is Matt Masterson. I’m a pro fighter and the situation is of great importance to me because until very recently fighters have been given the respect of indentured servants… and treated accordingly.

    The only self ownership amongst fighters exists in the persons of Frank Shamrock and now Randy Couture. Though Couture will be tied up in court before he ever fights again.

    I got into the sport because I love it. I discovered that the business side of MMA sucks royally. It is very exploitative and the conduct of Dana White and the Fertittas has been particularly dreadful… i.e. not paying the fighters on TUF and that disgusting “do you want to be an effing fighter speach.”

    That you actually can respect that person speaks to your character as well. Get his damn cock out of your mouth.

  • penxv says:

    And Matt Lindland would be another good example for fighters to follow. But there aren’t many

  • Trevor says:

    Hilarious that the “libertarian” links to objectivist blogs (objectivism: the philosophy which entails, in part, selfishness being a virtue and being in complete support of capitalism), and then gets on here and attacks Dana White and the Fertittas for being “exploitive” and, essentially, selfish and self-interested, and defending people who break the contracts that they agreed to.

  • penxv says:

    I don’t have a problem with people acting in their own best interest (in fact, I’m all for it) until it gets in the way of others.

    Zuffa is not a good example of free market capitalism just because they do business.

    I do not differentiate between business dealings and personal dealings. If you are an asshole while doing business… then YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE.

  • operator says:

    If ufc loses enough big names and they go and start fighting eachother in smaller orginizations that could be bad for the ufc. The other company would basicly cash in on the promotion that has already been put into these fighters by the ufc. If Randy wants to try to hurt ufc the smart choice would be pro elite. If they could do a free event that would be the way to really get viewers to realize that ufc isn’t the only promotion out there. I think Randy has the draw to do it specially if he could fight someone who has also built a name in the ufc like arlovski. I tell you Dana would shit a brick

  • Trevor says:

    “I don’t have a problem with people acting in their own best interest (in fact, I’m all for it) until it gets in the way of others.”

    So essentially you’re not a capitalist at all, then. Nor a libertarian, since on no level are economic entitlements some kind of right. And certainly not a supporter of the selfish objectivists that you link to. You’re living in some kind of dreamworld if you think that true free market capitalism will result in friendly, fair-for-all business deals. The UFC does what’s in their best interest, and in that sense, they’re very much perfect capitalists.

    If the UFC were assholes when doing business, then Randy Couture should never have signed the contract that he won’t produce in full. And never mind the fact that all his side success comes from the hyper-promotion that the UFC has put behind him.

    Though for all the bashing, I’m sure you’d sign with the UFC if they came calling. But you’d have to get by the likes of Rory Singer first.

  • Xavier says:

    “That you actually can respect that person speaks to your character as well. Get his damn cock out of your mouth.”

    Ironic that you would be using anti-gay slurs when you lost to Rory Singer, an openly gay fighter. I guess having a gay guy mount you, take your back and make you tap would pretty much turn you into a bitter redneck fuck, eh?

  • Tommy says:

    Matt your a prime example why mma fighters shouldn’t get paid more then they do. People like you claim to be ‘professional fighters’ and can’t fight worth a shit. You can just get on someones show because people are so desperate for anybody willing to try.

  • S. Jennum says:

    Matt: If you don’t want to fight in the UFC for 3 to show/3 to win, a hundred other fighters will gladly take your spot. Simple supply and demand.

  • oh boy … i can’t believe that whole “Rory Singer is gay” thing might actually be making the rounds. I’mma gonna have to tell Frank Shamrock when we interview him in a few weeks that he stole the joke from us

  • Tommy says:

    Follow Linland to what, obscurity? The most boring fighter on the planet? The maddest fighter of all time? The ugliest? No you probably got him beat there.
    Trevor that really is my point I’ve been saying for days. If you didn’t like them even from six years ago, then why resign 8 months ago? You say you just wanted to fight. Well Bodog offered 3 million to fight one fight. (you say) There you go. I say both sides are a little full of BS but if you say your gonna do something and signed the doted line, you should do it. Especially so if your Captain America.

  • kermit_01 says:

    Which is what I’ve said in every article that has come up about Coture. I used the New car example.

    I go to a car lot and buy a new car for $30,000 and drive home happy, then a week later my buddy buys the same exact car for $25,000 I can’t simply park the car on the curb and fax the bank telling them I’m not paying them anymore because they disrecpected me by charing me $5,000 more..

    I honestly still havn’t put together what Cotures real issue is.. Is it that they offered Fedor more money, or they didn’t sign Fedor. Because one statment I read right after he said he resigned because he had only come back in hopes of fighting Fedor and with out that being possible there was nothing left for him. I almost understood that even if I was disappointed. Then this crap about respect and money started coming up making Captain America look more like Lex Luther.. (I like comic book references)

  • Tommy says:

    Good analogy Kermit. Since you like the comic book references, I say his new name should be the Riddler. Figure out yourself what he means by respect.

  • penxv says:

    Lindland made like 700k to fight Fedor, he is considered a top 5 185lber, and he runs his own promotion.

    That is not obscurity. That is an enviable career.

    Tommy, you seem like you are just smart enough to be considered retarded.

  • Xavier says:

    “Lindland made like 700k to fight Fedor, he is considered a top 5 185lber, and he runs his own promotion.

    That is not obscurity. That is an enviable career.”

    His promotion draws no real crowds, I live in Portland, it’s not exactly a “big-time event” here. Bragging up that he runs a regional promotion in the NW doesn’t mean much when it doesn’t run often, it doesn’t pay fighters well (Something you seem to whine incessantly about) and it doesn’t draw. It’s mostly a showcase for Team Quest/Wolfpack fighters to gain experience and try to get into… *drumroll*… the UFC.

    He made 700K in the fight with Fedor? Says who? Even if he did, he’s not clearing much, if any other cash. While he sits on the sidelines doing very little, he could be taking on Anderson Silva and becoming a quasi-household name rather than a fading fighter who will only be known by those who followed the sport in the “dark ages.” While he certainly has a better career than you (and thus does qualify as “enviable”), he’s not doing nearly as well as he should be.

    Nice job responding to everyone else too, slick.

  • Xavier says:

    Not to mention that the Lindland/Fedor fight cleared so few PPV buys that Bodog doesn’t even run PPV anymore after that financial debacle.

  • penxv says:

    WTF are you talking about?

    That event was huge in Russia. It might not have been good for bodog, but it was great for vadim finkelstein or whoever Fedor’s mouthpiece is.

    Putin was there… sitting next to JCVD.

    That was fucking awesome!!

  • jazzn says:

    UFC is not the only game in town any more… though they have a head start. Other are coming along and they are going to start bidding up the top fighters salaries.. it’s almost upon us. That’s the free market.

  • Trevor says:

    Oh boy, huge in Russia!!!

    WTF. Was that post even serious?

  • kentyman says:

    “Huge in Russia” is the new “big in Japan”.

  • Xavier says:

    “That event was huge in Russia.”

    Oh, that’s why BoDog doesn’t run PPV anymore, they’re still too busy counting Rubles.

    Of course…

    1 Russian ruble = 0.040372 U.S. dollars

  • = .25 of an IFL share

  • Tommy says:

    I bet Ross Pointon has a career you envy. 700k is a big check, IF that’s what he made, but again who cares. It was because of Fedor not Lindland. Top five middleweight and number one bore-weight. Hopefully he keeps that loser chip on his shoulders and stays gone from the UFC. Maybe he can join you in your league. (OH and maybe you should take Lindland’s cock out of your mouth, especially after he nuts in it. See how thoughtful and creative that was.)