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HDNet upgrades from ‘Lame’ to ‘Watchable’

Check out the updated card for HDNet’s December show:

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller vs Sean Salmon
Frank Trigg vs Edwin Dewees
Yves Edwards vs Alonzo Martinez
Krysztof Soszynski vs Robert Villegas
Pete Spratt vs Tristian Yunker

While there’s no fights on there that make my panties wet, there’s enough names on the card that actually matter in the grand scheme of things to make me tune in. The last HDNet show was terrible, with all of the fights being either one sided thrashings or mind numbing decisions. Here’s hoping this fight doesn’t make me want to gouge my eyes out with a fork.

  • Prozac For All says:

    Anyone else hoping that Frank Trigg gets his salad tossed so bad that he quits all MMA-related activities all-together?

  • Prozac For All says:

    Looking at Stephen Quadros gives me the chills for some reason. He’s so weird – Look at the pics on his homepage and then think of his voice in your head while imagining that you are a vulnerable young child.

  • Frizz says:

    What happened to the rumored foght with Trigg and Fihlo in WEC?

  • Accomando says:

    I think you should change it to “barely watchable”.

    And, I think they should name the event, HD NET Fights presents, “Zuffa Washouts”

    Below average MMA live and in HD.

  • steve24 says:

    I would be definitely interested in watching this. Young talent and UFC vets. Are they going to show this Live this time?

  • Thomas says:

    I think is good that there starting off slow with 2nd tier fighters and no-names. I could see them becoming an official UFC farm league. Get a couple of wins here and Joe Silva give u a call.

  • kermit.01 says:

    I have to admit I enjoy HDfights. I know the caliber of fighter in most cases is not UFC caliber, but it reminds me of watching guys at the local gym who still work normal jobs and fight for fun.

    It’ll still be good to see some known fighters come in for some star power, but I hope they continue to get give unknown talent a chance to grow.

  • kermit.01 says:

    you can remove the get from that last sentence– thats what I get for multitasking..

  • Trol says:

    I don’t think Trigg will lose to Dewees. If Trigg would ever learn how to deal with a fighter on his back, he might make it back to the big leagues.

  • frickshun says:

    I am thrilled that there will be some HD fights on in my house for once (& widescreen) where the fighters are actually a known commodity. I am impressed that Cuban is willing to take his time learning the business b4 throwing away a lot of $$ on risky fighters. Hellboy & Kang both just lost!! And I’ve been preaching about how they should’ve been signed by UFC. I bet within a year, HDNet will sign a few big names & become a contender w/the rest of the 2nd tier US orgs like Elite & Strikeforce. In 2-3 years, when this sport is bigger, one of them will become a legitimate threat to the UFC since the talent pool will continue expanding.

  • Pug says:

    Anyone know how you can watch these events? Are they just on regular PPV, or do you need to get HDNet?

  • steve24 says:

    #11 you need to get HDNet.. just go on your cable company’s website to find what channel it’s on.

  • kermit.01 says:

    With time warner the HDnet channels package has like 5 stations and cost me an additional $7.00 a month. It seemed more than worth it..