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HDNet to show a lot of bad MMA

Guy Mezger has been a busy bee lately, taking HDnet’s existing MMA network and ramping it up for 2008:

Our goal is to produce 24 live shows a year. That’s with us and HDNet Fights partners. We plan on having fresh TV because we’re going to show part of the shows live and part of them taped. We will have fresh TV; around 4 of them a month. HDNet Fights and HDNet Fights Presents should have the highest employees of mixed martial arts athletes in the United States; which again is helping out the fighters.

What this means of course is we’re going to be seeing a whole bunch of MMA that isn’t really fit for TV consumption. I’m a huge fan of MMA, and I used to watch everything I could get my hands on. But back in the day, the only shit that got taped was serious major league stuff.

With this HDNet stuff, they’re teaming up with promotions which are putting together cards featuring numerous newb fighters … many of whom haven’t even hit 5 fights. These guys are green as hell, and the fights look amateur.

So yeah … it’s great that HDNet is putting this money into MMA and down the road it’ll be a good thing. But right now for me as a fan it just means a whole bunch of really painful MMA.

  • kermit_01 says:

    I enjoy watching really green guys fight. Plus it gives them a chance to grow their own talent.

  • The Truth says:

    Sometimes the “unknown” guys put on the best fights. Especially if they have the motivation that it will be shown on HDNET (tape delay or not)

  • I’m actually an avid watcher of Inside MMA on HDNet and this last episode was their best yet (it started out really bad but it’s getting better). Obviously, there’s no real competition for it so I watch it over nothing else that brings me MMA video news and highlights. However, it really cracks me up when they show highlights of fights that don’t even have lights above the ring. It actually looks like back when you were playing football/soccer on the field at night and you had a couple people shine their car headlights on the field so you could kind of see what was going on. Sometimes there’s even ONE weak spot light that some guy is moving around the ring following the fighters.

  • Xavier says:

    Talk about the best way to put off new fans on MMA.

  • kermit_01 says:

    Xavier your a glass half empty kinda guy I bet. I really doubt that the casual fan is going to stumble across MMA on HDnet. Not when basic package cable has the WEC on VS. UFC om Spike, IFL on Network Television. Plus watching local talent is what got me interested in MMA again. I was a fan back in the day, but it became hard to find copies of UFC in my area being a rural back woods place that I live. So aside from renting the VHS, the UFC wasn’t an option for me. It was the local events, which at the time in Ohio had many more regulations that made it more diffacult for the fighters. I still enjoyed watching new talent. I think there are allot of people out there that do.

    Oh and Fightlinker, you said guys with less than 5 fights— for a second I thought you were refering to most of the TUF cast.

  • Thomas says:

    HDNet MMA lineup = I’d rather watch ESPN Cup Stacking competitions

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    better than nothing.

    im sure youll be hopping on the jock of some of their fights. you flip flopping son of a bitch

  • As long as they don’t look like toughman competitions I am fine with these fights. Plus, I have noticed that as the caliber of fighters skills have risen in the top shows it has also risen in smaller shows.

  • igorpunck says:

    St Piere is fighting Hughes at UFC 79!!!

  • stellar53 says:

    How am I supposed to do my Christmas shopping????

  • Ason says:

    Glad it’s out there
    I won’t be watching

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Wow! I expected to see copious quantities of your Jism all over the site at the GSP Vs Hughes News, guess your still asleep you lethargic Canadian.
    I bet this’ll mean that you could get an earlier Canadian show with GSP defending his ‘interim title’ provided he smashes Country breakfast the way I smashed a smoking hot Thai girl last night…
    I should be more careful with the way I phrase, I bet your picturing Hughes getting reamed Deliverance style, with GSP in his filthy French Accent shouting ‘Squeal Like A Pig Mon Ami!’
    All that naked praying at your GSP Shrine and sacrificing frogs at your home made altar has obviously paid off.

  • godzillad says:


    Too forced.

  • Thomas says:

    On a serious note. Not every Org. can be the UFC. I’m glad theyre starting off slow. They have Mayhem fighting as well as other names that are familiar. Cant let the UFC monopolize MMA

  • Accomando says:

    “…St Piere is fighting Hughes at UFC 79!!! INSANE!!!!…”

    No it isn’t. I called this shit here at linker a couple of days ago….

    “….on 23 Nov 2007 at 11:31 am5 Accomando
    Hughes vs. GSP for interim title….”

  • Accomando says:

    GSP’s response to the fight…………

    “I was married to a woman 20 years ago, she left me because of my boy,” he said. “I was playing with my boy every night and was away from home, eventually my wife decided to leave me. I am happy with my decision, because I am used to sleeping and entertaining with my young boy.”

    Serra responds to the fight……

    “I very much enjoy hugging a boy. His smell and fragrance kills me,”


    “We know it is immoral and unIslamic, but how can we quit? We do not like women, we just want boys”

    Got these quotes from GSP and Serra at Reuters……

  • TIGERTAO says:

    godzillad wrote; “too forced.”

    WTF are you referring to?

    Accomando LMAO!

    “Sometimes we gather and make our boys dance and whoever wins, his boy will be the best boy.”

  • igorpunck says:

    Stop drinking and post something on GSP-Hughes news.
    Yer Canadian bastard :)

  • kermit_01 says:

    I wasn’t going to beat you when you were down, but I’ve been waiting all day for your take on the GSP / HUGHES fight. You have let us all down– you should hang your head in shame– SHAME!!

    You and your Job and Real Life. You need to get your shit straight and figure out that 1st comes the site over all other….

  • Mr.ThePlague says:

    Did fightlinker die in his sleep?

  • kermit_01 says:

    Naaa, he more likely to go out like Elivs. Naked on the toliet, choking on his own vomit……thats class..

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    with a nudey mag on his lap

  • Mr.ThePlague says:


  • Jake says:

    Sheesh, can’t two guys take the weekend off?

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain) says:

    Must have been a great weekend for homosexuals and Techno music in Canada.