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HDNet throws Salmon back.

Okay, this is Super Gay 1000%. Guy Mezger just took the only fighter past Drew Fickett with decent name cred on their HDNETs debut show and canned him over ‘a miscommunication’:

I will start first with HDNet Fights. I signed a contract with them about six 6 weeks ago. In that contract I agreed not to fight within 31 days of the HDNet Fight. Obviously, my fight last week in Finland fell within those 31 days. I was under the impression that I had permission to take this fight, so I was very surprised to get a personal phone call from Guy Mezger Tuesday evening telling me that I was off the card for violating my contract. After about 25 minutes of arguing our position, we realized that there was a miscommunication somewhere between my agent, his assistant, Guy, and his assistant. They felt that they were not made aware of me taking the fight in Finland; therefore, I was not taking their show seriously. I believed that I had permission to fight in Finland.

The bottom line is that my representatives and I should have been more diligent in this matter — perhaps even getting permission for the fight in writing. Guy and I squared everything away, and I apologized for the misunderstanding several times. I did not intentionally disrespect HDNet Fights by taking another fight inside of the 31 days outlined in my contract. I remain in good standing with HDNet Fights and hope to work with them in the future. In fact, I would like to take advantage of my position as a columnist here at to personally apologize to Mark Cuban. Mark, if you would email me your number at [email protected], I would love the opportunity to personally apologize, as I had the chance with Guy. I look forward to hearing from you.

So let’s read between the lines here, because Sean Salmon isn’t exactly known for shit talking. The fact that he said he ‘should have gotten permission in writing’ makes me think that he told SOMEONE at HDNet that he was fighting, and they told him it was okay. I’m also surprised that Guy Mezger called Sean directly rather than going through his agent. The whole point of having an agent is to deal with issues like this … did Mezger call Salmon because he knew Salmon’s agent Ken Pavia wouldn’t just roll over on this?

All in all there’s a pretty fishy smell coming off this, and I’m not impressed that Mezger canned Salmon over what sounds to me like a fuckup on HDNet’s side. I’ve said it before: Sean Salmon has a posse. He may not be the greatest fighter in the universe (Salmon vs Fedor in 2008!), but he’s got a connection with the fans through his MMAJunkie columns and is basically the Everyman that represents us kinda goofy looking computer potatoes. Why Guy Mezger smoke Salmon on what was at worst a miscommunication is still unknown. Guy, you’re not top dog and you don’t get to power trip yet, okay?

**Updated** Now with 50% more fish jokes added!

  • kentyman says:

    “canned Salmon”. Nice.

  • groda says:

    Mmmm smoked salmon yummy-wummy

  • nem0 says:

    Haha, fish jokes. Well played, Fightlinker.

  • garth says:

    this does seem like some rinky-dink shit from mezger. is it me or are all the orgs looking kind of bush-league of late?

  • Dann says:

    It’ really unfortunate for Sean. Obviously, I want to remain partial, but since Sean writes for us and I’ve gotten to know him really well over the past year, I consider him a friend.

    That’s why it sucks that he’s coming off the biggest win of his career — beating Mikko Rupponen (16-5-2) in his own country — and then comes back to the U.S. and learned he got scratched from the televised HDNet event.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    how can you feel sorry for sean. the guy had a contract and he broke the rules of it. DUH! what do you think is gonna happen?

    him saying he should have gotten permission says it all.

  • He did get permission from someone over there. The fact that the people at HDNet are apparently morons is why he said he should have gotten the permission in writing.

  • country kitchen says:

    “I was under the impression that I had permission to take this fight”

    I was under the impression that I could grab a girls ass at a bar last night. She let me know I didn’t.

    His agent should give him a refund for being an idiot. Pavia dropped the ball on this one. Get a look at his contract and let me know what it says. Oh, never mind, Sean said he couldn’t take a fight within 31 days of this fight.

    Nice word play. Groan. Good luck with the article on the debate club in your high school yearbook.

  • Evan says:

    Sorry. Not buying it.

    They knew better and were trying to get away with something.

    How dumb do you have to be to not understand 31 days?

    At least Guy has class.

  • Here’s where I wish we had the bevy of lawyers that FightOpinion apparently has in it’s commenters. If you sign a contract saying one thing, and then there’s a verbal agreement that something not allowed under the contract is allowed, does that hold up?

    I have no doubt someone at HDNet said Salmon could fight. I just think it was someone who wasn’t authorized to allow that. Mezger can do whatever he wants to do. If he wants to take Salmon off the card, it’s his perogative. But Salmon was the only reason I was gonna catch the show. Maybe since they added Drunk Fickett I’ll still watch, but it’s really a toss up

  • Evan says:

    “Here’s where I wish we had the bevy of lawyers that FightOpinion apparently has in it’s commenters. ”

    Does that include going over what you say?

  • dignan says:

    All I ever think of when I hear the name Sean Salmon are two images:

    #1: Him doing a Daniel-san Whooping Crane kick in the first few seconds of the Rashad Evans fight.

    #2: Him being decapitated in said fight.

  • Yeah that’d be nice … god knows sooner or later I’m gonna say something that gets me sued

  • hbdale309 says:

    Railroading one of the nicest and most liked fighters in the game is pretty disgusting if you ask me. You would think Mark Cuban and Guy Metzger wouldn’t want to get their promotion started off on such a sour note.

    It’s always the good guys that seem to get short end of the stick. Sean Salmon is probably the nicest guy in all of MMA and he gets ramrodded twice in the same week while, at the same time, I’m hearing about Mike Kyle, who nearly killed a man, headlining an upcoming event. Mike Kyle used illegal soccer kicks and punches after the bell and almost ended the career of his opponent.