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HBO choo-choo-chooses IFL

Now before I continue, let me remind you that HBO rejected a deal with the UFC over who would get to produce the show. They felt that they wanted control of the product so as not to ‘cheapen their brand’. With that fact in mind, try to fathom this: HBO is broadcasting the IFL on their Latin American channel.

The anticipated announcement is very interesting because while HBO is only committed to televising the IFL on its Latin American channel, they still elected to go with IFL programming as opposed to other options that were available to them. One would think that if HBO decides to televise MMA on its English-language channels that the IFL has a bit of an edge.

As Sam Caplan implied, this could very well be the precursor to a full deal with HBO. And why not? The IFL’s new Emperor Jay Larkin ran Showtime’s boxing division for over a decade and gave HBO a run for it’s money. If anyone knows what Larkin is capable of accomplishing, it’s HBO. And I have no doubt that Larkin is perfectly happy giving HBO carte blanche to do whatever the fuck they want to do. The IFL is also in a ring, which is sure to comfort the old fucks running HBO.

Anyways, all this is speculation on my part but the more I think of it, the more it starts to make sense. Although I can’t help thinking Dana White will be peeing his pants with glee if HBO picks the IFL.

  • RoB says:

    well, it cant do anything but improve their ridiculous shitty-ness called production.

  • igorpunck says:

    is this a real story? or one of the usual fighlinker masturbatory fantasies?

  • Xavier says:

    I have HBO HD.

    I love watching MMA, especially in HD.

    I still have no interest in this. That’s how much the IFL sucks.

  • It’s all linked, man. All facts are sourced with links (unless I’m too lazy in which case I just wait till someone says wha??? and then i source)

  • dignan says:

    Tito: Jenna choo-choo-choosed me!

    HBO can make any sporting event look better. FUCK Dana and his greedy controlling ass. Imagine TUF on HBO! Production value wise it will be amazing…it will slash the viewers by quite a bit, at least the paying viewers.

  • Pontus says:

    Haha, HBO (Lisa) feels pity for the IFL (Ralph) so they sends them a valentine.

  • Wu Tang says:

    SOooo… When should i buy IFL stock?

  • Tommy says:

    Fuck the IFL and their teams. They should go with tag teams, then I’d watch.

  • dignan says:

    Tag team MMA would rule.

  • Accomando says:

    “…Tag team MMA would rule…”

    It has already been done.


  • Tag team MMA is TERRIBLE. Trust me, I’ve watched a couple of matches, all horrific. Imagine constant breaks in action

  • dignan says:


    I was talking about MMA, not the fellows who tag teamed your fat fucking pig of a girlfriend. There’s a reason her nickname is Chinese Finger Cuffs fucknut.

  • RoB says:

    LOL. god damn. dignan is really on the trolling today

  • Accomando says:

    dignan is getting mad, ha, ha, man, what a loser.

    Classic symptoms of a nerd/homo who can’t get laid.

  • okay seriously, getting lame now. Everyone chill out or IPs start getting redirected to

  • HBO can’t make the IFL better. The problem with the IFL is their stable of injury prone fighters. The IFL GP Finals had some great matchups before all this crap happened with making a featherweight class, injuries, and new opponents. The previous preliminary GP card was awesome until contract disputes screwed it. They had some decent cards lined up, for a small to mid-major promotion, but they screwed themselves on that. If they can’t work out those problems, how is HBO gonna help?

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Does this mean the IFL will now be taken off network T.V. and I won’t have to avoid it anymore? I sure hope so. IFL sucks balls.

  • robnashville says:

    While who would produce the cards was an impediment to getting UFC on HBO, the big monkey wrench that no one ever mentions is the deal not making any financial sense for HBO. HBO would have been hyping up the UFC product while Dana and Zuffa would have been reaping all the benefits in the form of PPV receipts. HBO has to see some slice of the financial pie before anyting gets green lighted. IF it is a tv show, they are gonna want a slice of syndication and/or dvd sales. If a MMA company is gonna end up on HBO proper, it is one that will agree to put on their PPV’s under the auspices of the Pay channels’ HBO PPV arm and give up a chunk of the $$$.

  • Well shit. I think you’re actually smarter than the guys running HBO, because i bet they were just like DUUUR LAMPLEY DURRR