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Hawaii’s new MMA laws have smartened up

We all love regulation, right? It’s regulations that separates the real sport of MMA from the large amount of retardation that goes on along the sidelines – baseball players versus Korean giants in Japan, fighters with hepatitis fighting in Russia, Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer in some lawless place called Alabama.

But what sucks is when regulation is set up incorrectly, meaning no one is able to do anything. This seemed to be the case with Hawaii, which originally set up their regulations to rake in a big chunk of PPV profits. The UFC – originally very bullish on Hawaii with Dana even talking about a stadium show there – immediately declared that they wouldn’t go to the Aloha state because it was just too damned expensive.

I hadn’t heard about any changes to Hawaii’s plan but on Wednesday everything goes into effect and they have apparently changed the PPV cash grab part for the better:

The Hawai’i regulation will charge promoters 2 percent of all pay-per-view sales, with a cap at $50,000. Nevada has the same cap.

Ratner said the UFC can now think about a potential show in Hawai’i because of the pay-per-view cap at $50,000. UFC pay-per-view shows often make more than $40 million in gross sales.

“If there was no cap, we would not come, because giving up 2 percent of our gross pay-per-view sales would be prohibitive,” Ratner said. “But what I’m hearing about Hawai’i is very encouraging. Of course, we have to see it all in writing, but it sounds like it is similar to other states where we’ve conducted business.”

So that’s $50,000 tops as compared to $800,000 on a 40 million dollar PPV event. Much more reasonable for everyone, I think. It’s a bit worrisome that UFC regulatory wiz Mark Ratner still hasn’t seen proof that this is how the bill is now laid out, but let’s all hope that sanity has prevailed and we’ll get to see a UFC event out in Hawaii sometime next February when most of us are freezing our fucking asses off. Wait … that doesn’t sound nice at all. Damn Hawaii.