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Hatton-hating journo barred from ringside

While boxing doesn’t seem to have as contentious a relationship with traditional and new-school media as the UFC does, that doesn’t mean there aren’t instances in their sport where journalists get banned from covering events. Take the case of Michael Marley, who was refused a press pass to Hatton / Pacquiao for shitting too much on “Icky Ricky Fatton”. I can really get behind someone like Marley who responded by saying “Golden Boy forgot to send me my kneepads so I can genuflect like some big name boxing writers do on a daily basis.”

(No, genuflect does not mean ‘perform fellatio’)

Steve Cofield has all the details on the situation, and I now have a new favorite boxing writer. As far as if this makes the UFC’s vindictive press policy any less retarded … not really. Hatton gets away with this because he’s an athlete and people expect athletes to act like egotistical douchebags. The UFC is supposed to be a proper sports league, so when personal vendettas lead to situations where the main MMA writer for Sports Illustrated can’t get credentialed for events EVER, it just makes the whole organization look petty.