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Has Tito signed a new UFC contract?

Some unfortunate verbiage in a recent Tito Ortiz interview has caused some confusion on wether or not Tito has re-signed with the UFC (news) or he’s just saying he hopes to (not news):

Q: To my understanding, this rematch is going to be the last fight on your contract. What do you anticipate happening after that contract is over?

A: I’ve actually taken a step, since me and Dana really don’t have a good working relationship, I’ve gone a step over him. I’m going straight to Lorenzo Fertitta, the owner of UFC and I’ll speak with him. He’s a very smart businessman and he looks out for my best interest and I’m excited too.

I’ll be re-signing with the UFC and they gave me what I want. I know a lot of other companies that are asking about me and I can’t count how many phone calls I’ve said “I can’t talk to you guys anymore,” because it’s against my contract. I’ve got guys literally who have called me and they’ve said, “Is this Tito?” And I’ve said, “Yes.” And they’ll say, “This is so and so.” And I’ll have to stop them right there and tell them, “Oh, let me stop you there. I can’t talk to you no more.”

I’m not going to speculate on this topic, but the fact that Tito went over Dana’s head was definitely a smart move on his part. Dana White has been on a mission to provoke Tito Ortiz and drag his name through the mud for almost a year now, dispite the fact that Tito has made more money for the UFC than any other guy in the company’s history. Lorenzo Fertitta knows this. And Lorenzo isn’t out there trying to make himself look like a superstar. With several companies floating around trying to catch a foothold in the MMA industry, Zuffa would be absolutely retarded to let Ortiz get away.

  • fightlinkerReader says:

    “Tito has made more money for the UFC”

    Thats in the past, the question is, can he continue making the UFC money?
    – His skills will be diminishing with age. Everybody likes a winner.
    – His opponents most likely won’t be as popular as Liddell, Couture, or Shamrock. (Shamrock’s popularity also being a thing of the past too) These are hall of fame guys.
    – He’s overplayed the “I hate my opponent” card. It gets old after awhile. His beef with Rashad Evans looks forced and manufactured.
    – He’s probably going to want huge money. All older athletes do. They are usually the last to realize their diminished skills.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    Wow, look at fightlinker with the Tito lovin’. I think Dana has some valid reasons to be pissed at Tito, I mean don’t you guys follow MMA news? Christ this is a wierd article. Whats up with teabagging Tito anyway? Haven’t ya heard it’s passe’?

  • garth says:

    mr. t: read the article again. then engage that lump in your skull to think, and see if you can figure out how many ways you’re wrong.