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Has Matt Hughes gone soft?

We all know Matt Hughes hasn’t been the same fighter he used to be (which is the only reason this fight with Renzo is intriguing as far as I’m concerned). Up until this point I thought that had to do with GSP stealing his mutha fuckin’ soul, but now it sounds like God, love, and kids has turned him into a total pusswad. Here he is talking to Kevin Iole:

“I’ve had a lot of changes in my life the last five years,” Hughes said. “I became a Christian. I got married five years ago. Three-and-a-half years ago, I watched my daughter be born. Three months ago, I watched another daughter be born. When you see that in real life, and you’re around kids all day – I’m around my kids, because I love my kids and I love nothing more than being around them – I’m not the same fighter. I can’t possibly be.

“It used to be, when I walked into the ring, that person across the ring was lucky I didn’t rip his arm off and start beating him with it. That’s the way I felt. I’m just not that aggressive any more where I want to tear somebody’s head off. I’m 36 years old now. I would say I’ve turned into a more technical fighter than a nasty fighter.”

I’d say it sounds like he’s lost some of his drive. Not that this is a bad thing. He knows what side of the career mountain he’s on now, and is adjusting his efforts and expectations accordingly. But Jesus and his family haven’t completely killed his competitive spirit. When asked about future fights, he deviated from the ‘no more young bucks’ attitude he’s been flashing lately and instead called for a rematch with Thiago Alves. Plus I have a feeling that whoever wins the Gracie / Hughes fight has a date with BJ Penn at 170 soon. So I guess we’ll find out soon if this new less aggressive (but still just as dickish!) Hughes can still hang.