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Has Gilbert Yvel been approved to fight?

Tucked into a story about Josh Barnett not giving a shit about Gilbert Yvel’s infamous bad behavior in the ring, MMA Junkie notes that Tom Atencio is claiming that Yvel’s license with the CSAC has been ‘taken care of’. This was the big question coming into the Christmas stretch – if you’ve dismissed my speculation that Affliction would cancel their show sometime in the next 3-4 days.

The funny thing about this situation is that lots of people were kind of rooting for Yvel to get denied by the CSAC. The match up with Barnett is pretty weak and is a borderline setup to ensure that Josh makes it through to fight Fedor – er, I mean the winner of Arlovski/Fedor – at Affliction 3.

Seriously, this fight is gonna end about 20 seconds after it hits the ground with Josh cranking a kimura or chicken wing or whatever dumb name catch wrestlers call it. If it doesn’t, I’ll eat my hat. If I wore hats. But I don’t because I think they’re pretty stupid. If you’re inside right now wearing a hat then slap yourself in the face. There’s no sun in your eyes. Wearing hats inside is stupid.

Regardless, I suppose Gilbert Yvel ain’t bad when you consider the alternatives. Dropkick101 (who you’ll be seeing a lot more of around here soon) does a good job of breaking down why we shouldn’t complain all that much about the choice, and while I’m not happy with the situation I will admit that Yvel is the best of the shitty options Affliction had available to him.

Oh, and why isn’t anyone hammering the CSAC, Affliction, and M-1 on Aleks Emelianenko’s absence on the card? If there’s something wrong with him as we all suspect, maybe someone should speak up. He is still kinda fighting elsewhere in the world, which seems like a pretty serious health risk.