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Has Finkelstein lost it?

One of these three men is making more money than the other two. Can you see him?

Saying there’s an awful lot of suspicion regarding Alistair Overeem’s seeming aversion to fighting in drug testing environments is akin to saying there’s an awful lot of suspicion regarding OJ Simpson’s whereabouts when his ex-wife and a friend of hers were killed – there’s talk, is what I’m saying. So normally, I’d be pretty surprised if someone in the know, like the manager/plantation owner of one of Overeem’s possible opponents, said that his possible PED usage was an obstacle to a match up with his client. That rationale falls apart, however, the second that same guy talks about fighting Josh Barnett at the earliest possible time.

‘But Subo,’ you’re saying, ‘I thought you’d have been fired by now! And on a less personal note, who would be that impossibly hypocritical within the span of a few breaths?’ Via a website I’d never heard of until now, who else but The Fink??

What about the current Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem?

– I personally think that Alistair Overeem did not reach the desired level to challenge Fedor. He beat a lot of no-name opponents in Mixed Martial Arts. Overeem defeated Paul Buentello and then disappeared from the United States for more than two year, which is simply ridiculous. He has nothing to offer for Fedor Emelianenko, except being a steroid bully. Also, pay attention that Werdum beat Overeem when they were fighting in Pride, four years ago.

Don’t you think that the fight against Werdum should be for the Strikeforce title? Maybe Overeem should vacate his title, if he did not defend it for more than two years?

– We do not fight for the Strikeforce Heavyweight Title. Strikeforce are our partner, and any titles whether it is UFC, Strikeforce, WAMMA, Dream… they are just medals. Fedor is above these things. We are interested in the level of our opponent and his popularity among the audience.

So, it means that you will not demand the fight against Alistair Overeem?

Exactly. We are more interested in fighting Josh Barnett, who is currently disqualified until September. When he returns from his suspension and if he tests clean, we might consider fighting him.

Emphasis added.

A. It is acceptable to refuse a fight against someone that has never tested positive on the basis of PED’s,
B. while actively campaigning/matchmaking for a guy that has tested positive for PED’s,
C. and simultaneously (and rather blatantly) ducking the Strikeforce championship clause by staying away from the belt.
D. All of the above, or
E. Fedor and his whole gang are full of shit.

I’m going with E.

I feel bad for Rogers – unless Lashley steps up or Overeem wasn’t making shit up when he said to look for an announcement from Strikeforce (and even then, Overeem defending against the guy Fedor just beat would look goofy as hell), I don’t know who he fights now that Arlovski/Bigfoot has been announced. Then again, who the hell knows with Overeem. Ultimately – and this is the main point – a guy with his resume (Mark Hunt! James Thompson! 0-3 to close out his LHW career! NC against Cro Cop!) shouldn’t even have his name mentioned in the same breath as Fedor’s. If Fedor isn’t above Fabricio Werdum or Josh Barnett, he sure as hell isn’t above the UFC Heavyweight Belt.

Pfft. ‘Fedor is above these things.’ Fuck that.

Update: Overeem/Rogers, but for the mystery May card. Oh. And it’s a non title fight. So Strikeforce’s 835+ day drought without a heavyweight title fight shall continue indefinitely. Nothing – NOTHING – would make me happier than Rogers punking Overeem in a non-title match. Nothing. War Grim.