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Has Dana White blackballed Sherdog?

You all may remember Josh Gross’ hamfisted attack against Dana White in the wake of the Sean Sherk / Hermes Franca steroid debacle. It seems so long ago … I’m actually surprised that it was a meer two and a half weeks ago. Well, one thing worth noting is that since that article hit the front page of, there hasn’t been one UFC fighter interviewed on any of Sherdog’s many radio shows. In fact, the only Zuffa-signed fighters to appear on the Sherdog Radio network since July 20th have been WEC fighters Jeff Curran and Tiki Ghosn.

So this begs the question: has Dana White officially asked his fighters not to interact with Sherdog any more? While I doubt there’s a mandate carved in stone (yet), it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Dana has sent word to his fighters ‘requesting’ they not support his “mortal enemies”.

Only time will tell, and this may merely be because no fucking UFC events = no UFC guests. But still … two and a half weeks with no UFC guys on any of the Sherdog radio shows? And I thought our radio show was having troubles!

  • anderson says:

    not a very good business decision on sherdog’s part. with josh gross posting ultimate fighter spoilers and then posting this rant about dana, i’d say they’re pretty much done. with ufc being the biggest name in mma right now, i’d load josh gross’s ass in a cannon and launch him to the next fanboy site that would take him so he could fuck that up.

  • Boog says:

    “with josh gross posting ultimate fighter spoilers and then posting this rant about dana”

    Pretty sure the UFC yanked sherdog’s credentials to attend events before Gross spoiled TUF 4.

  • anderson says:

    don’t think that’s the case….but i could be wrong. either way, why you would purposefully burn a bridge with the largest mma organization on the planet is beyond me. the ufc has done more and invested more than any other organization on the planet to popularize this sport…….gross’s behavior is bullshit. it’s a shame the biggest mma site and the biggest mma organization can’t see eye to eye.

  • Gramercy Riffs says:

    Was disclosing the finalists of the Ultimate Fighter a fuck up? Sure. But to be blackballed because of it is rediculous. Josh Gross has written articles that are critical of the UFC and Dana White, but when your the biggest name in the game you should expect people to be a little critical of your practices. I don’t frequent very often any more (too many trolls in the forums now, so i pretty much stick to the UG, this site, and fightopinion), but I credit that website for turning me from a casual fan into an MMA junkie back in 2001. I’m sure I’m not the first person to really get into MMA because of sherdog, and there will be plenty more, so why blackball a fansite that helps turn the casual viewer into a hardcore fan. It makes no sense to me.

  • BigFern says:

    um looks like they got Kunt-Flo on their radio show today…so not totally blacklisted

  • Luke says:

    Or it’s because there’s a gap in UFC events between July 3rd and August 25th.

  • “this may merely be because no fucking UFC events = no UFC guests.”

    I guess we’ll learn in a few weeks!