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Harrison Ford vs Joe Rogan?

Last night I got the urge to download some of the better works of one Harrison Ford … Air Force One, Blade Runner, The Fugitive. While looking through his wiki page for more ‘gems’ I saw this paragraph:

Harrison Ford is an avid fan of the sport of mixed martial arts and has been pointed out to be in attendance on the televised feeds of several events in the United States. However, there have been reports that the recent lack of televised appearances on MMA broadcasts is owing to a violent altercation sustained in the audience between him and UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan at the Las Vegas Pride 33 show.

Allegedly, an argument brewed after Ford inadvertently caused Joe Rogan to spill beer on himself, resulting in Ford punching Rogan in the face after the comedian refused his apology and rudely called him “grandpa”. The two remain unreconciled and the UFC’s current policy is to exclude Harrison Ford from the broadcasts despite his reported appearances at several shows throughout the latter half of 2007 and 2008.

How fucking random is that?

*UPDATE FROM 2009* How fucking not true, that is. I wonder if any other bloggers ever go through their archives and just go “Wow. Just wow.” I must have been on some tasty crack at the time of this.