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Harold Howard goes to jail, is completely nuts

Since we’re on the subject of painkiller addiction today, here’s an update on UFC pioneer – er, well rather UFC trivia question or curiosity – Harold Howard. You might remember Howard as the man who cartwheel kicked his way into our hearts at UFC 3. With his mighty mullet, wife-beater, and abused dog look, he was Canada’s first entry into the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

If that doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you were around a few months ago when we reported that he went crazy, tried to murder some people and finally drove his pickup truck through the front doors of a casino in Niagra Falls. But how crazy did Howard go? Pretty effing crazy:

On Dec. 9, 2009, Howard showed up at the Toronto Star with a briefcase. He looked like a businessman, but his clothes were worn, and his knuckles were bruised and caked with dried blood. In a hoarse voice, he said there was a plot to ruin his life. He claimed he had been injected with a liquid that hardened his veins and immobilized him. He held out his shaking hands for inspection, his eyes wide in desperation. As he was escorted out of the building, he left nodding to no one but himself. “On to Plan B,” he told an editor before leaving.

Almost two weeks later, residents of a Niagara Falls street were awakened by screams. Howard was attacking his sister and nephew with the claw end of a hammer. His 21-year-old nephew fought back before Howard screeched out of the driveway.

The article says he went from Tylenol 3 during his UFC days to a mixture of Oxycocet, Gabapentin, Prednisone, and sleeping pills after getting hit by a car next to Ontario Place, perhaps the lamest amusement park outside the old Communist Bloc. I don’t know if the drugs were turning his brain into a paranoid mush on their own or they just helped, but one thing is for sure: he went completely off the deep end, and now he’s gonna spend the next 5 years in jail.

  • dan vanderkooy says:

    you critics would go running to your mommies to hide if you see harold coming after you