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Hardonk and Kongo to fight in Montreal

I’d like to bitch about the lack of a super awesome headlining fight for UFC 97 in Montreal, but it’s hard to bitch when the UFC continues to stack the card with SERIOUSLY ADEQUATE fights. The latest addition to the event: Cheick Kongo vs Antoni Hardonk.

You all know Cheick Kongo and what he’s all about, but I’m actually somewhat surprised to find out that Hardonk is on a three fight winning streak. I had pretty much stopped paying attention to him after he tried to out-jitz Frank Mir back in 2007, figuring my time was better spent researching fighters who weren’t mentally retarded. But now here he is at the start of 2009, and the word ‘possible title contender’ is being thrown around for the winner of this bout.

The UFC’s heavyweight division is so anemic that anyone who can carry a streak longer than two fights is considered a possible contender nowadays. Still, that doesn’t take away from the fact that this should be an interesting fight. Since Hardonk has been shacking up with Rickson Gracie, you figure he’ll try and take advantage of Kongo’s amusingly worthless ground game. But he is also very stupid, so maybe not. Kongo seems to have finally figured out how to start knocking people out with his gigantic fists, so it will be nice to see if he can do that to Hardonk or if his KO power is limited to only the scrubbiest of scrubs.

On another note, let me remind you that if you’re around Toronto and want to come to Montreal for UFC 97, the CrashMMA bus is the way to go. They take care of your travel, lodging, and tickets. You take care of booze and bail money. We end up having loads of fun together in Montreal, and I will introduce you to strip clubs which apply a beautiful Quebec concept known as “Touche Legale”.