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The Happy Hour Episode 7: What The Fuck?

We packed so much MMA goodness into this show that it would probably be faster just to tell you what we didn’t talk about. But since that would make absolutely no sense, I’ll just reassure you that I won’t bring up Cris Cyborg’s period while you bite into a BLT. The main topic of discussion of course is Anderson Silva and what the fuck was up with the shit he pulled in the cage at UFC 97. That debate spirals off into about a thousand different directions on the state of fighting, fighters, and MMA in general.

After that we talk Chuck vs Shogun and what’s next for both fighters. Will Chuck obey Dana White and retire gracefully or will he pull a Ken Shamrock and keep fighting until it’s a literal assault on good taste to keep competing.

Last but not least we watched Bully Beatdown and wonder if it’s really as real as MTV wants us to think it is. We also compare it to TUF, and give you our thoughts on TUF episode 3. All this in 55 minutes. Wow … a happy hour that lasts an hour. Too bad we weren’t happy for it.


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