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The Happy Hour Episode 42: More UFC 110 talk

With Jake away in Calgary for the next few weeks I had Subo join me for more UFC 110 talk. We go back over the main card and talk more about Nog / Velasquez and Jardine / Bader, as well as discuss Mirko Crocop’s new opponent Anthony Perosh. Then it’s onto the prelims where we drool over the prospect of Goran Reljic destroying CB Douchaway, pinpoint why Chris Lytle is still in the UFC, and try to figure out what strange purgatory Stephan Bonnar has found himself in. Mixed in we also talk about decisions, over-coaching, and a dozen other topics. The Happy Hour is actually an hour long. Crazy.


Or listen to it with the streamy app below. Or you can add this stream to your iTunes and have the shows delivered straight to your MP3 device. It’s like freakin’ magic (ps: the ‘magic’ now works).