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The Happy Hour Episode 4: The GFC

This week we were a little hard up for topics but the jackals represented and gave us enough stuff to round out a nice 35 minute show. We discuss:

  • Royce Gracie’s wish to get his ass kicked by another future hall of famer
  • how much Gina Carano is worth (and no, not in a ‘prostitute’ kind of way)
  • what is next for Tim Sylvia
  • a random fighter gets ripped
  • Fighter rankings and the BE MSM deal (if you got that, you’re a hardcore internet astronaut)

This is the last free Happy Hour! After this it goes behind the dreaded iron curtain. So cradle this episode closely and enjoy every morsel, for some of you may never hear it’s sounds again……………


Or listen via dat streamy ting below. iTunes people, I have disappointed myself as well.