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The Happy Hour Episode 30: Sausage Fest

We searched high and low for interesting MMA talking points and ended up discussing how fucked up Benson Henderson turned out to be after his fight with Donald Cerrone, how much of a dick Anderson Silva is or is not for potentially pulling out of UFC 108, when the UFC will use Kimbo Slice to make lots and lots of money, and the latest chatter from BJ Penn about wanting another fight against Georges St Pierre. And of course no Happy Hour would be complete without a few minutes of Ultimate Fighter talk. Basically we laugh at how hard Rashad Evans chewed out Quinton Jackson and Quinton’s “I was edited to look like a jerk” blog response. 42 minutes long.


The Happy Hour is our weekly show for members that donate to the Fightlinker cause, otherwise known as sitting around doing as little as possible watching old episodes of Skins and eating sausage (what else?). If you’d like to help out with this dream of being semi-paid to talk shit about people who do stuff, click here!