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The Happy Hour Episode 29: DREAM, TUF, and Klonopin

This Happy Hour is actually one full Happy Hour long, and we talk about all sorts of juicy shit: Strikeforce’s relationship with CBS, Junie Browning’s near death experience, how TUF spent ten minutes giving Kimbo Slice a total handjob this week, and how Rampage is the worst fucking coach on the planet and possibly the entire universe. Also dissected: DREAM’s tin can predilections and their vaporous weight divisions, their freakshow fights and their featherweight tournaments, and the three controversial calls that had people choking on their corn flakes Tuesday morning.


The Happy Hour is our weekly show for members that donate to the Fightlinker cause, otherwise known as sitting around doing as little as possible watching South Park and eating rice’n’chicken. If you’d like to help out with this dream of being semi-paid to talk shit about people who do stuff, click here!