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The Happy Hour Episode 17: Catchin’ up

Now that I’m back in not so sunny Montreal (just in time for another wet Canada Day tomorrow, yay!), radio transmissions will return to normal. Almost. We’ve decided to do the Happy Hour on Tuesday this week so that on Thursday we can do a super special 2nd of July Extravaganza Mailbag for both Canadians and Americans. We call it the Declanadian of Indimerica show.

Anyways, today we talked about the TUF finale a little, the UFC magazine, Dr Johnny Benjamin’s 3 rounds vs 5 rounds, Bob Sapp vs Bobby Lashley, and how Drew Fickett showed up for his fight drunk. As usual, there’s 1001 other topics jammed between those talking points, something for everyone! Well, everyone that pays I suppose. 30 minutes long.


The Happy Hour is our weekly show for members that donate to the Fightlinker cause, otherwise known as sitting around doing as little as possible while eating stale bread and processed chicken slices. If you’d like to help out with this dream of being semi-paid to talk shit about people who do stuff, click here!