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The Happy Hour Episode 13: Hypno-TUF

With such an entertaining episode of TUF this week we had to lift our 10 minute limit on discussing the show. Between Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping arguing over training times, David Faulkner seeing a crazy hypnotherapist, and the result of the fight being what it was, this week’s show is actually required viewing. If you had forgotten how good TUF can be (and it’s been a long time since an episode has been this good), this one will remind you.

But it ain’t all TUF. We also talk about Kim Couture continuing to train with her ex-husband Randy and the two recent serious injuries in MMA. And as usual there’s about 1001 random topics that weasel their way into our conversation. 40 minutes, perfect for listening to on your way somewhere nice for the weekend!


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