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Happy Canada Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone from Canada. Oh, and a decent Columbus day to you Americans. And sweet buttfuck nothing to the rest of you around the world. I’m taking the day to eat turkey and relax … not much happening in the MMA world unless you’re into the Simpsons (US fans can watch the MMA episode here, Canadian fans must pirate that shit). As for the WEC event, if you haven’t seen it you should probably check it out … as usual, a great night of fights capped off with a Fight of the Year candidate. Yeah, the decision was iffy but just because it turned into a pumpkin doesn’t mean we didn’t have a great time with Cinderella. Right?

Oh, last but not least, in preparation of the impending doom that is Winter in Canada, we picked up XBox Live subscriptions yesterday and you’ll now see us from time to time playing Gears 2 and Call of Duty amongst other things. Feel free to invite us or join our parties! My xbox name is FIGHTLINKER666 and Jake’s is DullJake. I’ll see if any of the other writers want to get hunted by jackals too.

We plan on running some pre-event video game events, starting with UFC 104 on October 24th. I was thinking UFC 2009 would be a fitting game to play leading up to the PPV, but I’m open to other suggestions as well. Oh yeah, and trading of XBOX live handles is encouraged in this post as well.