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Happy Birthday, Fightlinker!

Today is Fightlinker’s third birthday. Well, actually the site debuted September 12th, 2006 but I decided a long time ago to combine Fightlinker’s birthday with my birthday for purely egotistical purposes in an attempt to double the amount of well-wishing I receive.

Over the past three years I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and nothing all at the same time. A lot because it’s insane that a site I started on a random whim is now one of the most popular MMA blogs on the net. Nothing because looking forward at all the awesome shit we hope to accomplish, it barely feels like we’ve done anything at all but bang out a few posts and record some podcasts … 6200 posts and nearly 150 podcasts to be exact.

To celebrate the occasion we were hoping to unveil Version 6 of Fightlinker to everyone but unfortunately it’s not quite done yet. We’re operating under the optimistic ideal that once V6 goes live, all of the annoying little bugs and issues that have plagued the site since V5 came up last July will finally be defeated. Most of the bugs have been knocked off, but there are still some final face lift touches to be done which are gonna take around another week or so to finish.

But that’s not the only thing you’re not getting now! This year will see us producing new and funny shirts out the butt, a Fightlinker book, and several things that make me pinch myself from time to time because they just seem so surreal and huge. The goal is to celebrate year 4 of Fightlinker on a yacht with sexy bitches while underpaid writers from India churn out content on the site. Nah, just kidding. This year is all about giving you guys ‘more cool shit’, with ‘cool shit’ expanding from just blog posts and podcasts to all sorts of different wonderful things.

So I wanna give a big thanks to everyone who reads the site and supports us. I never expected the site to be anything but a place to stick my tourette-inspired rants and we kinda fell ass backwards into the site becoming a full time job. It’s taken us a while to properly set things up as a sustainable business, and it’s taken away a lot of our focus and time. Now thanks to the support of star members and companies like BetUS (specifically Damon and Travis) and Fighters Only (specifically Hywell, James, and John), we’re ready to get back to what we do best: making fun of everything fight related for your amusement. Thanks to everyone for 3 great years and here’s looking forward to many more.