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Hansen dropping to 145, thinking Strikeforce for some reason

News on the Hellboy front! It’s been a tough time to be a fan of Joachim Hansen since he basically fell off the earth in 2009, fighting only once that year and zero times since. Now Fighters Only has word on what he’s thinking for his future, and it includes a drop in weight class:

Joachim ‘Hellboy’ Hansen says he would like to fight in the US again – but says if he does, it is very unlikely to be for the UFC. The Norwegian lightweight says he loves fighting in Japan, but could be open to the right offer from Strikeforce. Hansen also revealed that, at 30 years of age, he is finally dropping to 145lb.

“I feel the time is right for a drop in weight. I am going to go down to featherweight because I was 68.3 kilos when I last fought Aoki. Everyone else is dropping weight so hell, why not me?” he says in the latest UK edition of Fighters Only, which hit news stands today.

“I fought in the States two times [before] and won, I would definitely like to fight there again. I like Strikeforce, they have a lot of good fighters and put on great shows. Anyone at 145lb would be a challenge… the future is always changing so I live in the moment, but I see a belt of precious metal around my waist.”

I suppose Strikeforce is always down with bringing guys in for specific fights but it’s not like anyone’s talking about their featherweight division. Fortunately DREAM has some decent fighters in that weight class which should make for some exciting fights. It really sucks that Hansen hates Zuffa … he’d be a great addition to the WEC. Unfortunately, when the company bought PRIDE they kinda pissed him off hardcore by ignoring his old contract, offering him less than half of what he made off it, and then freezing him out after he rightfully told them to go fuck themselves.