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Hands up

MMAWeekly has an interview with Chuck Liddell and trainer John Hackelman where they talk about what’s next for Chuck. It looks like all those calls for retirement have been ignored, and instead Chuck will be heading back to fight kindergarten to re-learn how to keep his hands up:

Liddell does acknowledge his mistakes in the Evans fight, and says he’s still working on “bad habits.” In the gym, he could get away with dropping his hands, leading with body shots. As he knows now, those days are over. The key is a stricter gameplan – everything measured to maximize offense and defense.

Hackelman says he wouldn’t want his prized student to change. At this point in Liddell’s career, there’s not much he can.

“Keeping the hands up is great to say, everybody knows they should do it, but it’s a big problem for fighters of all levels,” he says. “You could get the best fighters on the planet in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, everyone drops their hands, because of simple physics of gravity. Everyone’s going to drop their hands occasionally, and when you do, you expose certain things, so yeah, we’ll work on that. You just work on some of the things that need to be tweaked, that’s all.”

I’m perfectly happy to watch Chuck take another run at the light heavyweight belt, but am I the only one who wouldn’t mind one more Chuck vs Randy fight? I know it’s a pretty wonky thing to set up, but it’s on my list of shit that needs to happen before the people involved retire.